The Tiny Pleasures

It’s the tiny pleasures, the little moments of joy, that can make our days feel sunny, and add a positive spin to our tasks.

We’ve heard it so often that it’s common wisdom now: You have to take care of yourself to take care of others, or, you have to love yourself to love others.

If you’re like most women, you work, you take care of your house, you put the needs of your husband and your kids at the top of your list, you watch out for your parents…the list is long, and it doesn’t leave much time for bubble baths and books.

But there are little touches we can add that lend some beauty and give us a lift as we go through our days. I’ll never forget the day I was helping a friend clean up after a lovely luncheon she had hosted. I was going to rinse her plates, so I opened the cabinet under her sink, looking for the dishwashing liquid. It wasn’t there.

Instead, it was in a crystal decanter on the windowsill.

My creative, artistic friend had found a way to turn a chore into a moment that gave pleasure!

At Amber Marie & Co. we believe in making every part of home comforting, pleasing, and inspiring, and doing things that bring pleasure to those daily tasks.

We offer the entire line of Caldrea products, from the fragrant foaming hand soap to laundry and cleaning products

Think about how the stainless sink set will dress up your kitchen sink area, moving it from utilitarian to current and clean, with a little pop of yellow to give the nod to sunny days.

And then, consider the sense of pampering that just washing your hands can lend, as the scent of lemon, neroli, cardamom, and juniper spreads, and the aloe vera gel, olive oil and essential oils cleanse and condition your hands.

Or, imagine the shelf in your laundry room, with those attractive bottles of detergent, fabric softener and delicate wash, with their sunny labels, lined up on the shelf, ready to lend luxury and fragrance to your housework.

Look at the places where you spend time and effort at home, and see what you can do to affirm to yourself that you are special, and the way you spend your days is important to the people you love!

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