I was hanging out in a friend’s dorm room, when her roommate, a theater education major who had been directing a play, pulled a container of half-frozen, near-rotten tomatoes out of their fridge.


(My bestie and I taking photos...I was a tag-along on her family vacation!  We had a BLAST!)

“These have got to go!” Annie exclaimed. “I don’t want to put them in the trash chute, and have somebody on lower floor get a face full of rotten tomato when they open it up, but it’s after curfew, so I can’t take them to the dumpster…I guess we could try throwing them over the balcony.”

Everyone in the room perked up at that possibility, until Annie realized there could be a problem when the pile of rotten fruit under her balcony was discovered.

Having spent my high school years as a pitcher for our fast pitch softball team, I knew when I was needed.

(Check out #7....That's me! Middle Row)



“I can throw them anywhere you want them to go,” I volunteered.

Looking skeptical, but with that glint in her eye that, I have come to know, precedes a prank of the highest caliber, Annie asked, “So, can you hit the boy’s dorm from here?”

“Sure can. Which window?” I said, standing out on her balcony with  rotten, half-frozen tomato mush dripping through my fingers.

“Umm, second floor down, third window from the right,” she instructed.


(Annie and I teaching her youngster our crazy ways....raising 'em up right!)

I wound up, I pitched, and…splat. Exactly on target.

“Top floor, fifth window,” she said.

Boom. Tomato slime rolling down their patio door.


(Our BFF Motto)

Grinning now, and celebrating each hit like it was her own home run, Annie kept calling out targets, and I kept nailing them, until the last tomato was gone, and the side of the guys dorm was bleeding rotten tomatoes.

Hearing all of the guys trying to figure out where the tomato bombs could possibly have come from at breakfast the next morning, and playing it off with innocent exclamations, was awesome.

That night was the beginning of one of those rare, deep friendships that lasts an entire lifetime. From there, we perpetrated many a harmless but hilarious prank, some of them downright legendary. But we also found that we could count on each other to be that safe place where we could be ourselves, and express our deepest hopes and fears to each other.

(These days...we play pranks on each other.  This little toy was waiting for me in my bed after Annie and her husband came to visit Tulsa and stayed at my place while I was away....and I HATE to admit, they really got me good with this!)

Over a decade later, the list of funny stories and crazy escapades has only grown longer, but there’s an equally long list of challenges met, and some of life’s hardest moments walked through together. We each know that we have the other’s support and prayers and presence in every circumstance…and we know that, whatever else is happening, there WILL be some laughter.

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05 Jun 2017
It's all true! We've shared plenty of (obnoxiously loud) laughs, but we have also shared tears in some of each other's darkest seasons. I love you like a sister, and I am honored to have you in my life. I'm always cheering for you and praying for you!
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