How to Get a Grown-up Valentine


If you are out of high school, then you’ve been in the Valentine game long enough that you’re sort of over the candy and overpriced roses.

And maybe you also know that, unless you drop some artful and clever hints, your man will panic, go with what he knows, and…that’s what you’ll get.

So this year, help a good guy out, and just tell him that you are longing for a Valentine from Amber Marie & Company. We’ll take it from there.

 “Last year I had a husband come in the store looking for a gift for his wife,” Amber said. “As soon as he walked in the door, I knew he was on a mission. I showed him several items, but I noticed he kept looking at the Spartina handbags.

“After looking over the collection, opening and zipping each purse, and trying the various shoulder straps, he decided on a bag with a matching wallet. We wrapped it with our best wrapping job, and he was off.

“This year at Christmas time I noticed that he came back again, but this time he brought his wife,” Amber said. “I walked over and greeted them, and she had the bag on her shoulder. She was so in love with it that she was getting her mother-in-law a bag for Christmas. She said it was the best gift he’s ever picked out. We know how to take care of our ladies!”

The Spartina handbags, Sorrelli Jewelry in an array of luscious colors, or Lolia fragrances are only some of the possibilities that he can choose from. Or, he could even tuck one of our gift cards into his love note, and bring you back to choose what you love.

Our girls know that when a man walks in the store, he’s on a quest to buy his sweetheart an awesome gift, and they’ve got your back.

While Valentines Day is a wonderful, sweet day to celebrate with your special someone, we also realize that the calendar doesn’t always coordinate with where you are at that moment in the romance department. And to you, we want to say, don’t sweat it.  We’ve been there and done that more than one Feb. 14, and know that the profusion of balloons at work can make you feel like an outsider if you let it.

So, we say: Don’t let it!

Turn the tables, and actively look for someone in your world who could use a little affirmation or encouragement, and give them a Valentine!  It might be a co-worker who always picks up your occasional slack, your favorite barista, or your widowed grandma, but think of someone who could use a little lift. Whether it’s a card, a flower or cupcake, or a bracelet with some bling, making the effort to assure someone else that they are special will undoubtedly make you feel special, too.

And hey, if it’s been one of those years, come on in and have some fun with us as you pick out something for yourself, too…just because.



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