Amazing Real Diamond Jewelry at an Affordable Price! Diamonds always make the Perfect Gift!

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Demi-fine jewelry is a new concept that bridges the gap between fine jewelry and modern jewelry. It’s sustainable and luxurious like fine jewelry but has a trendy touch. Unlike fine jewelry and semi-fine jewelry, demi-fine jewelry is affordable and easy to manage but looks just as fabulous!

We use ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds, mined in strict accordance with environmental laws. 

When an engagement ring is cut, up to 60% of the rough diamond is often thrown away. We sort and use these tiny symbols of love in our jewelry, reducing environmental waste and making our jewelry completely sustainable.

Yes, our jewelry is nickel-free.

Ella Stein jewelry contains VS1 diamonds. These are sustainable diamonds that are almost clear in nature.

Ella Stein diamonds come in color h. They are nearly colorless and are perfect for daily wear.