Bridal Registry for Abby Nixon and Brandon Reichert - Amber Marie and Company


Welcome to Amber Marie & Company's Bridal Registry for Abby Nixon and Brandon Reichert. 

Unfortunately, their registry is not currently online.  However, we want you to experience the best customer service and shopping assistance by speaking to one of our staff!


Please call us at 918.940.7878 and we will be happy to help you shop.  


The best way to shop is by providing an e-mail or cell phone number and we can send you pictures and prices from their registry!  You can swing by and pick up the gifts, or we can let the couple know that they have packages to pick up from the store.  If you're not sure what to get...Gift Cards are also available and can be wrapped up for the Wedding or Shower!

We know the couple is excited and anxious to start their lives together and we want to help them get their nest started!